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Simon Patrick | 5 Months

five months. growing like crazy. still thriving on just milk. smiles at Daddy.View full post »

The day we found our perfect Christmas tree.

And made so many memories. Complete with pizza. My husband always has to haveView full post »

Thankful | Thanksgiving in San Antonio 2013 | Personal

We flew to San Antonio for the week of Thanksgiving, where Daniel’sView full post »

Simon Patrick | 4 Months

four months. Our smiley Simon. Ridiculously happy. Drool machine. Loves hisView full post »

Post-bath wonder | Personal

… [all images except the first and final two were taken using aView full post »

Super Mom

Dear sweet Postman, Thank-you for calling me “super mom,” as IView full post »

Simon Patrick | Three Months

three months. smiles. coos. two huge dimples. eyes are changing – maybeView full post »

Simon Patrick | Two Months

two months. has the squishiest cheeks. eats like a piggy. smiles with hisView full post »

Community | Personal

I love how having a baby makes the busy-ness of life screech to a halt. I tookView full post »

Perfection and grace // Motherhood

Postpartum hormones are interesting things. Despite our beautiful heart-shapedView full post »

Simon Patrick | One Whole Month

one month. mesmerized by light. nicknamed “Squeaker.” weighs aView full post »

Simon Patrick // Newborn Photography

 Meet Simon Patrick, my sweet, darling second-born, baby boy. He joined usView full post »

Brothers. And a new normal.

They’re gonna be best friends, these two.  At least I hope, and pray,View full post »

Ralphie // 18 Months

My little man Ralphie. August 10th he celebrated a whole year and a half ofView full post »

Simon Patrick | 2 Weeks

two weeks. makes little mouse sounds. has the cutest little eyes. loves hisView full post »

Simon’s Birth Story | An on-purpose home birth

Thirty-five weeks and five days pregnant, I’m sitting back in the big,View full post »

Simon Patrick | 1 Week

one week. smiles when he sleeps. loves his daddy’s voice. doesn’tView full post »

Simon Patrick | What’s in a name?

July 27th our lives got a little sweeter, our hearts loved a little deeper,View full post »

Summer 2013

All boy. Our Ralphie. His first puddle discovery whilst walking came withView full post »

3 Years of love

Today, my husband and I celebrate 3 years of marriage. We’ve recentlyView full post »

Let’s start the summer right

All spring I have been looking forward to this little family vacation down toView full post »

Rock Hill SC Newborn // Lena Ruth

Lena Ruth. Her birth was long anticipated. This little baby girl had dozensView full post »

One Year Old Ralphie

Last week was perfect springtime for the Carolinas. Glencairn Gardens is inView full post »

Gender Reveal | Baby #2 | Personal

Sometimes, the pictures just say it all. This is one of those times. We areView full post »