Childhood // Best of 2015


Basically, the reason I learned how to use a camera was because I had a cute little baby named Ralphie. Being able to literally capture his childhood is something that gives me great joy. One of my favorite parts about going home for the holidays is looking through my mom’s old tupperware bins and the stacks of photographs. Of course I have beautiful memories… but the pictures, oh, the pictures take me back. The details that are foggy even just fifteen years later, are still there in that picture of me snuggling my baby brother Noah – My oversized Tazmanian Devil sweat shirt, flare jeans, unbrushed hair, and so many snuggles. He was the first of my little siblings that I was old enough to help care for, and our bond was fierce. I’ll remember that moment for always, the picture reminds me that it is true.

So, here are my favorite childhood pictures from 2015. It’s just the kids. Just them in their world, in their favorite space, real or make-believe. Most of these were taken during a milestone session, but some are of a friend’s child, or my own boys.




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