Newborn Lifestyle Session, Rock Hill, SC // Vivian Piper

20150703-IMG_0003vivian_newborn.jpgThere is something sacred about those first few weeks after your baby is born. The days are so long, everyone says, and yet they also move at an alarming rate. So fast, sometimes, that a month has gone by and it seems it was only yesterday your labor started, yet when you look at your child, most certainly the same you held tightly to your chest in her first moments, her face is so changed, her belly so much rounder, her color so much fairer, that you know time surely has passed and with it your wrinkly newborn has grown into a round and health baby.

Every time I step into the home with a darling child only a few days old, I am keenly aware of what a gift it is, to have been asked to document this sacred time. The time when the days are long, the nights are longer, and yet that first month flies faster than all the rest.