Bits + Pieces // Summer afternoon

We’ve kept our days quiet and sweet this summer. Lots of books, and lotsView full post »

Worth Fighting For

I’ve been so heavy hearted with the news of this world, with stories ofView full post »

At-home family session

This sweet at-home family session has had me smiling for weeks. Elisabeth hadView full post »

Isaac is Born // Birth photography

This story began years ago, when a little five year old girl dreamed of being aView full post »

Bits + Pieces // Dupont State Forest

We’ve spent the week away, my boys and me. Inhaling fresh mountain air,View full post »

Bits + Pieces

Bits + Pieces. Just some messy play. This sort of thing is always worth theView full post »

Bits + Pieces // The Ivy Place

On a chilly morning in May we met with some new friends at The Ivy Place toView full post »

Mother-Daughter Photos Fort Mill, SC

Mother-daughter photos are especially sweet. I met this duo on a gorgeousView full post »

Creating Space

Four weeks ago I got off social media. I wanted time for things I couldn’t seemView full post »


So very many things, I could hardly limit to ten. Gifts in abundance, despiteView full post »

The battle // an adoption post

It’s a battle. Every day. Did I think I could rescue a child from certainView full post »


Patchouli (see my Instagram)  a clean house friends bringing me ice creamView full post »


I had grand to-do lists on Monday, and now it’s Friday, and there areView full post »

Bits + Pieces // Easter Egg Hunt

Since moving to Rock Hill four years ago, we have spent Easter Sunday with ourView full post »


We made a small raised bed recently. Just a row of bricks beside our outdoorView full post »


 “And when I give thanks for the seemingly microscopic, I make a place for GodView full post »


 // “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turnView full post »

Lifestyle Newborn // Jake + family

Winter babies steal my heart. The world is grey and cold outdoors, and thenView full post »

Winthrop Lake // Around our town

We have had some very sweet days with these boys of ours lately. GraceView full post »

Bits + Pieces // After bathtime

Bath time is sweet around here. (Probably because it’s not very often.)View full post »

Bits + Pieces // Little Bookworm

Both our boys love reading, something I think that they have both inheritedView full post »


Dear Ralphie, You’re four today. (Well, yesterday). You are so happyView full post »

It’s the simple things

I’ve been a list maker all my life. Something about crossing things offView full post »