Simon’s 3rd // Bits + Pieces

20160727-IMG_0917.jpgI am so far behind on our family’s personal pictures that I have to go all the way back to July to catch up.

These are the pictures I took the day of Simon’s 3rd birthday. He woke up to lots of hugs and “happy birthday!” wishes, and found a stack of presents waiting for him. Veggie straws with breakfast, because the kid could live on Veggie Straws. The day was hot, so after a little tree climbing, the pool was filled and we splashed until bellies were rumbly.

He chose a movie (Brave, I think) for the afternoon, and then we celebrated with friends and a super cool dinosaur cake, before he put himself to bed in our guest room.

This beautiful boy brings us so much daily joy, and an extra measure of sweetness. He loves books, activities where his body may be still, but his fingers can move – like playdough, coloring, painting. (This is so different than his big brother who generally must be moving every part of his body always). He is our Tarzan, so extremely agile and sure footed. He will climb so high, always barefoot, that other moms at the playground ask me “Is he safe?” (no? yes? Probably not, but I’m not worried.) He delights to make us laugh, and laughs a deep belly laugh at all sorts of things, from funny pictures in books, to a silly noise he hears, to jokes and funny words, and attempts to irritate his big brother (who is very easily irritated).

Recently I asked him, “What makes you happy?” and he replied, “God makes me happy!”