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Our Family of 5 // Family pictures 2014

We are celebrating the holidays with my family in Michigan. We’re alwaysView full post »


Ralph Franklin II: After I had told him over and over he could not watchView full post »


Ralph Franklin II: Calls his button-down shirts, “DaddyView full post »


Ralph Franklin II: Don’t let the picture fool you. This boy still hasView full post »

45/52 and 46/52

Ralph Franklin II: Calls, “Moooommmmyyyy, wh’are you?” EachView full post »

Rock Hill Maternity Photographer // Awaiting Faris

This session. Goodness. A gorgeous couple, a gorgeous day, and gorgeous light.View full post »

An evening in the cotton fields

My little guys and I escaped to the cotton fields one Thursday evening in lateView full post »


Ralph Franklin II: Skips his nap half the days of the week. MandatoryView full post »


Ralph Franklin II: Asked yesterday at breakfast if we could, “Hab-uhView full post »


Ralph Franklin II: Has a growl-y voice he uses when he is being silly. SimonView full post »


Ralph Franklin II: When he is quietly playing somewhere and I call out hisView full post »

Bits+Pieces // Celebrating Simon’s 1st

Towards the end of July our Simon Patrick turned one year old, and weView full post »


Grace. The first time I met her she barely glanced at me through tangled dirtyView full post »


Ralph Franklin II: Now answers “yeeeah” to every question asked,View full post »

Bits + Pieces // Our family vacation 2014

Our time in Madeira Beach, Florida was special and sweet. It was the firstView full post »

Bits + Pieces // Our 4th Anniversary

June 5th 2014 begins much as any other day lately. Six-thirty comes and ourView full post »

Simon Patrick | 10 Months

10 months wrinkle-nosed grinning. waving “hi.” sharing open-mouthView full post »

Simon Patrick | 8 & 9 months

I’m so very behind on Simon’s monthly updates. Fortunately, we tookView full post »

Oh, Babies Dear

Where did you come from, baby dear? Out of the everywhere into here. WhereView full post »

Simon Patrick | 7 Months

seven months. workin’ on his top teeth. has an incredible reach! sings.View full post »

Ralph Franklin | 2 Year Lifestyle Portraits

We had a beautiful little walk yesterday, my firstborn and I. He held my handView full post »

Ralphie’s Birth Story Repost | Personal

2 AM February 10th, 2012 I roll out of bed and fall onto all floors breathingView full post »

Simon Patrick | 6 Months

six months. two new teeth. full of smiles and coos. found his voice. triedView full post »