2017 // Birth and Newborn Photography

I started 2016 with high hopes of growth – a heart-felt personal photography project, a goal for more sessions, especially lifestyle at-home session, and exciting marketing ideas. Then, reality hit me hard before I even got off the ground running. It became quite apparent that something had to go if our family would flourish, and photography was the most natural thing to pull back on, though it certainly wasn’t a decision we came to easily.


So, instead of a year of growing, 2016 was a year of pruning  – both in my personal life, and in this business.

And it ended up being the best thing ever.

We spent our time pulling back and away from the many busy things that could clutter our time and our minds. My husband and I have done a lot of dreaming and planning together for our future, and for our children’s future, this year. We have redefined what this photography business is for us, and determined what it needs to look like for us going forward.

I had fantastic clients all year, and purposefully many fewer than I’d had since starting this business – but ones who resonated with my vision and were grateful for what I’d given them. I found it hugely rewarding and satisfying to work with such genuine people. I knew by the end of summer, after photographing gorgeous Baby Ruby and her family, that I didn’t want to put my camera on the shelf forever (excepting personal use).

Photography started as a creative outlet for me as I entered into motherhood. I was able to capture my children’s babyhood and childhood in an ordinary, and yet magical way (though those early months of learning and editing experimentation make me cringe!) The images were and are something I turn to when the mundane of life was stifling – they are the little pictures of hope, and the daydreams of a bright and full future.

That is what I want to keep here.

I want my photography, and even this blog, to be a gift & encouragement to other mamas. Some of you need a breath of fresh, life-giving hope as the mundane of motherhood creeps up, and all of you are searching to treasure up what you know is somehow a sacred time in your life, and the life of your child.

For the winter and spring of 2017 I will only be booking newborn photo sessions, and building my birth photography portfolio.

This is the heart of photography for me. It always has been, since I first got my camera.  I hope that by narrowing in on what I offer as a photographer, I’ll be able to give my clients a better experience and product. I know I’ll grow as an artist, as I focus more energy on less – which is so much what I learned last year – that the less I spend my time on, the more energy I have to do what I choose to do with excellence.

I’m currently working on rebranding my business to reflect these changes, but as the year starts fresh, I wanted to share this one big change.

And I know… I have met so many fantastic families through the years, and if you’re reading this and already bummed for your next family session – don’t be. Just as my heart is pulled toward birth and newborn photography, there are many photographers who have found their sweet spot in family photography. I recommend with confidence my local photographer friends Ashley & Brhea. Both have taken my family’s pictures, and I recommend them with confidence, and joy.

If you have read this far, thank-you. I’m excited for 2017 for all that it holds for my family, and this business. And if you’re expecting a 2017 baby and want emotion-provoking, real life imagery of your baby’s first days, or want me to document the miraculous event of birth, please let’s chat!