A Morning with the Grimms | Charlotte, NC Lifestyle Photographer

buy imitrex online no prescription This quest for ordinary beauty has brought me so much joy. So often I feel this pull that I must do something extraordinary with my life – that the best way to live is to do something great. Of course I am thankful for all of the Mother Teresas of the world, but the truth is, most of us will live our lives without making such a mark on humanity. Instead, our lives will be full of little moments, with only a few big events that shape the rest. Our influence will not affect thousands, but it will often deeply shape the treasured few whom we choose to love, and love well, while we know them.

Josh and Ashley are close to my heart. My husband and I had the privilege of standing beside them at their wedding three years ago, but before that, our separate friendships go back years. My husband and Josh have been friends since college, and Ashley and I were toddlers in the church nursery together. :) I went to their house one lazy, rainy Saturday in April.

This session was for Josh and Ashley. They had two babies born into heaven in the last several months, and their hearts are heavy. Those little, daily moments are especially painful, as their arms ache with emptiness. Yet they are not without hope, and so, this session is for their children, too. Because we pray with great expectation that someday soon their arms will be full (very full!), and their hearts will be a little less heavy, and their daily life will hold a little more joy, and a little less pain.

These are the days that will shape the little moments for the rest of their lives, and the love they have… my eyes burn with tears thinking of the treasures Josh and Ashley are to each other, what they are to those that know them now, and what they will be to the children they, I trust, will soon hold in their arms. Ashley recently shared the story of these miscarriages, and the final paragraphs of that beautiful post gripped me.

“He is there. I’ve felt it and I know it to be true. He was good before and He never stopped. He was good as He took my two children into His arms. And He will be good if, in His will, He takes another.

And He is good as we pray that, in time, He will give us a child to hold in our arms.

It’s still so difficult and we still live in this grief every single day. The reality continues to sink in and it is ever so raw sometimes. Every day I wake up and my heart aches, and there is the constant feeling that something, someone, is missing. Tears flow daily even still, and there are very few days where I don’t still have doubts and that’s ok. Because then I’m reminded of His promises and I am not sad for my babies, for I know that they are happy and whole and rejoicing at the feet of Jesus for all eternity. And one day I know that I will meet them and hold them in my arms and I will be happy and whole again, too, that the brokenness of this world and the brokenness of my heart will be completely healed, and there will be no more tears or sadness.

I’ve never known heartbreak like this before, nor such hope. Heaven has never felt so close. Come quickly Lord Jesus.”

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