Bits + Pieces

Bits + Pieces.

Just some messy play.

This sort of thing is always worth the mess to me. The smiles and giggles, the creative juices flowing, and their contentment lasting far longer than a box of toys could make it.

Our sweet lady love Lucy Miller was with us the first week of May, and she joined in with the boys so naturally. She somehow worked her feminine magic and toned each boy down a notch.

Ralphie smeared paint all over his body, using elbows, toes, and fingers to apply. Simon very seriously coated his middle in layer after layer of colors. And, Lucy Miller dipped each brush into water, then paint, then water again with methodical care. Each stroke was planned.

Then they began to chase each other and smear paint on backs and legs, and after awhile, I shoo-ed them into the yard where I turned on the hose and playfully sprayed them all down.