“Do what makes your heart sing!”

In April of 2014  I registered for the Wildflowers Workshop with Joy Prouty

Eight long months stood between that workshop and me, and in April, I had only had a hint of the hard road those next eight months would bring.


Grace moved into our home the beginning of April, we searched, found, and purchased our first home, we moved, Ralphie barely slept all summer long, I lost a dear friend, we had crisis after crisis within our church family, including a sudden and tragic death, I tried to homeschool Grace and failed, and then my adrenals literally crashed. The daily tasks that I used to do without thinking required all the energy I could muster. There were days and days where my entire world was grey, and for the first time in my life I knew what real depression was.  Every effort I made was not enough to help me move beyond the every day tasks of feeding my children and keeping them safe. We tried to let our days be more quiet and uninterrupted. This was hard. We have jobs and life-callings centered around people.

And so I came to that workshop at the end of myself, because God wisely orchestrated my days, and a path for my healing. I could never have dreamed how much I needed it until I was there, on that beautiful island surround by sixteen other women. Hours before they had been strangers, but now they were bosom friends. Soul sisters. Kindred spirits.20141102-IMG_1241PINIMAGE



And I cried. Said the F-word at least once. Laughed. Loved. And cried more.

My body began to heal, and God began to fill my heart again.

This new site is a part of that process.



I needed a fresh start. Which seems funny to say, since I have only just begun this business venture, but it’s true. August through December I was burnt out. I still loved photography, and I treasured each family, expectant couple, itty babe, and laughing child that got behind my lens, but every time my front door shut behind me I left a piece of my heart behind in our home. Well, four pieces.

So, there I was on this island surrounded by beauty and safety, and Joy said to us, “Do what makes your heart sing!”  

And so I am.

This new site, and the work I will share in the coming months is an outpouring of my heart. The images, the families, and their stories make my heart burst with song.



I want to document real life. I am not going to ask your kids to say “cheese.” I want to come into your home, even if especially when it’s not perfectly clean. I want to let the natural light fill the circles under your eyes, and the rays of the sun to cast shadows that remind us sadness still lurks, but will not win.