Our First New York Snow

I checked the weather on my phone before going to bed last night (something I’ve done a lot more in New York, than I ever did in South Carolina) and saw snow on the radar for the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t dare mention it to little ears, for fear of shattered hopes in the morning – or worse, little eyes that might no longer shut for the excitement!

When we all woke up the next morning, I had completely forgotten, until Simon began to go down the stairs before me and his pitter-patter stopped midway. Then an eager, too-fast voice called “Mama! Mama! Mama!” a dozen times, and by time he got back to me he was out of breath and his words were spilling out a mile a minute. There was snow! He was walking down the stairs! and saw white on the front steps! and white on the pumpkins! and white on the bushes! and it was snow! And snow on the road and all over the grass! Come see, Mama!

They ate the fastest breakfast ever, and were outside before 8am, with pieced together winter gear, perfectly normal in South Carolina, and completely out of place for us now.

That first trip outside lasted a solid five minutes. The wind was bitter, and maybe they were still hungry. So they warmed up with cocoa, and a proper breakfast, and then we spent a cozy morning playing Legos. They tried again after lunch, with our neighbor Ricky, and had a much better go at it. Ralphie let us know, “Only my cheeks and my fingers are cold, and kind of my toes.”

Simon asked all day if the snow was melting yet. And all day was amazed that it wasn’t, and hadn’t. And it didn’t. It’s still here, and there’s a lot more months of it to come. I’ll let you know when the novelty runs off. ;)