Just an ordinary day with Ralphie | A Lifestyle Milestone Session


On February 10th our Ralphie turned 3. That seems so long ago, but, I wanted to share Ralphie’s day before any more time passed. In the spirit of documenting beautiful, ordinary life I let the day unfold just as any other, excepting the special birthday tradition of the breakfast of choice – Fruitloops in Ralphie’s case. (Yes, I cringed. But smiled: he is is father’s son.) He chose the Mainstreet Children’s Museum for our morning play, and a green macaroon for an after lunch treat at our favorite French bakery. He spent naptime reading his new books, and not sleeping, which is a typical ordinary day with Ralphie.



Ralphie, you are my wild.

Loving you, and being your mother, is a wild adventure.


This last year I have seen your heart learn compassion and gentleness. You are not so quick to love as your brother, but once you do love, your love is fierce and loyal. You surprise me with your empathy, and I hope you never lose that beautiful gift.20150210-IMG_2785.jpg

You are a quirky little thing. You have your daddy’s sense of humor, and love to make other’s laugh, too. You love to accessorize. You like to wear socks on your hands, and the first thing you do each morning as soon as your feet hit the floor is find shoes to put on them. You are full of funny little sayings, and are in full-on parrot mode right now.

You play so hard. Sometimes too hard. But you also play well, and I hope you remember that about your childhood.


Your days are a roller coaster of emotion for me. Your spirit is so strong, and like me, your highs are high, and your lows are low. We had a tough time this year, you and me. But as you neared, then passed your birthday, there was evidence of grace, and I saw the fruit of many hours of hard labor and tears.

Mothering you is not easy, you strong-spririted fighter, but it is one of my greatest joys.


You are learning about Jesus, getting better at listening, and most nights are eager to pray. These things fill my heart full to the brim. You love to sing. Oh, how sweet your little voice is!

You love your daddy, and are his little buddy. When he comes home each evening you say in your sing-song voice, “Oh, hello, Daddy!” You are often quiet and withdrawn, which is just how Daddy was as a boy, too.

You and Simon became best friends this year, and you have grown into a (mostly) kind, careful big brother. You are quick to watch out for Simon, and even offer up some correction from time to time. Today I heard you say, “Uh-uh, Si-yay, you obey! Get a spanking?”


I am so glad God gave us you, Ralph Franklin, and every day I pray he’ll make that fierce, empathetic heart of yours on fire for him.
20150210-IMG_2917.jpg “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” – Elizabeth Stone