Let’s start the summer right

All spring I have been looking forward to this little family vacation down to Panama City Beach, Florida. My baby’s great-grandfather, my husband’s Granddaddy, generously out did himself in accommodating us during our visit. We enjoyed plenty of family time, rest, and beautiful weather. A typical day started with fresh Belgian waffles, thick sunscreen application on our fair skin, and the doning of bathing suits. We hit the beach the first day with high hopes Ralphie would love it.
Not so much.
His toes curled, his lip pouted, his baby blues filled with tears, and he clung to me like a newborn chimpanzee. He wanted nothing to do with neither sand nor sea, so he and his daddy camped out on a blanket for the first two days, while I enjoyed one of my favorite places on earth. Digging a big hole for my near-third-trimester belly may also have been involved.
But by day three little man caved, and realized all the fun he was missing. Giggles as he jumped waves with his daddy, and ridiculous grins as he practiced his walking on squishy sand were both a big part of our last two days.
After lunch and an afternoon nap we spent our evenings with Granddaddy, watching Braves games and eating fun sized candy bars.
sunset from the pier
put-put golf our first full day

Now that this little vacation is over summer can begin. I’m excited for afternoons at the pool, playing in the sandbox, evening photo sessions, and prepping our little home for the arrival of another little baby.