Lifestyle Newborn Photography (And why you’ll love it)

Lifestyle Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGE

*baby Jake, looking out the window near his crib, toward the sun*

Do you hear photographers throw around that word “lifestyle,” and wonder what in the world they mean? 

Mostly, we use these words as a way of distinguishing between all the different photography styles out there. Lifestyle sessions aim to tell stories, and create images that evoke emotion even fifty years from today of what your now is all about. It’s less about a “perfect” picture, and more about what an image tells us about a certain period of time. Connection, emotion, and detail are all important parts of lifestyle photography. Poses are natural, and aim to capture what feels and looks comfortable.

The experience is nearly equal in importance to the photographs.


*baby Ruby on a handmade blanket in the room her mama carefully and thoughtfully designed just for her*

So, here are three significant reasons you should choose lifestyle newborn photography for when your baby is first brought home.

First, lifestyle newborn photography is relaxing and easy for you.

9 times out of 10 your lifestyle newborn session will take place in your home, where you’ve spent the first days with your baby. Outside germs stay away, and there’s no worry over the weather. The last thing you need after giving birth is another place to go. Besides, you might not know yet, but that tiny creature needs a lot of personal items. Not having to pack a diaper bag means a few extra minutes of sleep, or maybe a shower. Staying home makes things less stressful for you, and eliminates a time crunch to get out the door and be to an appointment on time. You don’t even have to be ready when I arrive. I’ve found moms, dads, and even big brothers and sisters are much more at ease, and less worried about being in front of the camera, when they are in a setting where they feel comfortable.


*Baby Drew, full belly, wide-eyed with wonder *

Second, lifestyle sessions are more peaceful & natural for baby.

Lifestyle newborn photography is prop-free. You sit back and do what you do every day – nurse, snuggle, kiss, and love on your little babe, which is where your baby feels safest and happiest. There’s very little crying, and soothing happens naturally, as the session continues. Some of my favorite pictures are of daddies swaddling their fussy babies and talking sweetly too them. That’s real.


*baby Maks wrapped in his mama’s baby blanket*

And, newborn lifestyle photography captures the tiny details.

As a lifestyle photographer, I am not just looking to photograph your baby, but the entirety of life with your baby. Details of your home, her nursery, or favorite handmade items are an important and never forgotten part of a lifestyle session. This makes the sessions not only personal, but memorable.

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For the months of January, February, & March I am offering my lifestyle newborn photography sessions 15% off the original price! If you’re expecting, and you want a session that speaks to your heart, and captures emotion-provoking images for you and future generations, let’s talk.