The battle // an adoption post

It’s a battle.

Every day.

Did I think I could rescue a child from certain peril, and not have to fight The Destroyer?

Why would that ever be easy?

No. This battle. It is not against flesh and blood. It is against powers and spiritual forces of evil. 


Take in a child from a hard place, and it is certain to stretch you. You will lose sleep. You will shed tears. You will scream. You will think you are going crazy.

But do not be surprised like I was.

After all, when Jesus set out to rescue his family it cost him his life.

Satan has high hopes for the lives of vulnerable children, and orphans. His future depends upon their demise.

So, wrap them in love, and shout Jesus’ name into the dark nights that come. Because they will.

When you feel certain those powers of evil are lurking, shout louder. Because there is One who already holds the victory. They know it. And tremble at His name.

And when you feel certain Satan is warring for her life, shout louder still. He does not fight for those he has already claimed. He would not fight so hard unless he felt he was losing her.

“The bitter wars that rage are birth pains of a coming age.”

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// “By faith this mountain shall be moved, and the light of the gospel shall prevail.

For we know in Christ all things are possible, for all who call upon his name.”