Rain // Personal

I’m sitting here cross-legged at my desk, eating dark chocolate, and smelling the pink roses Ralphie chose for me when he went to the store with his daddy last week, listening to the drop-drop-drop of rain on the roof-top. It’s been raining for 10 days straight. Last night Ralphie whimpered as he was falling asleep, “What’s that in my room? Where is dat hammer?”

Rain on the roof top.

“I donno like rain. Why it rain?”

I didn’t really have an answer for him, except that God brought the rain and sunshine both, for a time, in their seasons. Sometimes there’s too much rain. Sometimes there’s not enough. But, God sends it all.

On the way home from the grocery store this afternoon – a trip I generally dread even in sunshine – heavy drops fell hard on the metal roof. The boys covered their ears. When I gave them permission to close their eyes, they did that, too, to my shock.

So, I drove around our little old town and looked at houses that used to be vacant and in disarray, and smiled at the fresh paint, toys in yards, and mums on the porches. Signs of life. Then, I pulled into my driveway and turned the car off, pulled out my phone and saw a fresh, sweet new baby in my newsfeed.

Life is so bipolar right now. Bright, happy highs. And lonely, grey lows.

I sat in our van for nearly an hour while the torrents fell fast, and my boys contentedly slumbered, until the lack of productivity was driving me wild. I ran back a forth through the rain, making half a dozen trips with bags of groceries and fussy boys.

Sometimes the rain doesn’t stop, but life must go on.

At the beginning of October Daniel’s mom visited. We did fallish things, like visit the apple orchard. It was all sunshine that week! (Grace took many of these pictures :))