Bits + Pieces // Simon Sleeps

20151204-20151204-IMG_6287.jpgPINIMAGEIn 2012/2013 I did a 365 Project – a picture every day for a year. In 2014 I did a Portrait a Week Project – a picture of each of my boys every week for a year.

Both were fun, but quite a commitment.

Without a project this year, pulling out my big camera to take pictures of my kids has been more challenging, especially this fall, when I have been swamped taking pictures of everyone else’s kids.

Determined to capture the unposed, daily life of my kids, I began pulling my camera out for 5 minutes at least once a day. And in those 5 minutes I captured exactly what I saw.

I believe that parents do not need to be documenting every single moment or event of their toddler’s existence. I also believe we should not let these ordinary, every day moments go unnoticed. Limiting myself for the First 5┬áminutes has helped balance those two principles. It allows me to watch my children in wonder, and then put my camera aside and be truly present with them. You should try it! I’ve even used my phone some days. :)

So here’s my Simon. He has begun protesting his naps. This particular day he was fighting it hard, but then, eventually, the exhaustion won, and he took a 90 minute nap in this position. Check out my Instagram and search #simonsighting to see this kid is famous for sleeping in weird places and positions!